The Golfer’s Guide to Media & Online Platforms

Golf has moved far beyond the fairways and greens; it has infiltrated the digital realm, offering enthusiasts multiple ways to engage with the sport they love. From online retailers and reviews to streaming content and magazines, the digital world is full of golf-related media and platforms.

We’ll explore some of the most notable names in the digital golf world. We’ll review Golf Avenue, weigh the reliability of Golf Advisor, decide if subscribing to Golf Digest is worth it, compare Golf Magazine and Golf Digest, list the pros and cons of Golf Now, and share our top picks for Golf YouTube Channels.

Golf Avenue: A Review

What It Is: Golf Avenue is an online platform that specializes in buying, selling, and trading golf clubs and other accessories.


  • Wide Range of Inventory: From drivers and putters to apparel, Golf Avenue has it all.
  • Quality Assurance: The platform thoroughly checks each used item for quality before listing.
  • Affordability: Used clubs offer an economical option for those just getting into the sport.


  • Limited New Inventory: Most items are used, so the latest models might not be available.
  • Shipping Costs: While competitive, the costs can add up, particularly for international customers.

Verdict: If you’re comfortable using pre-owned equipment and are looking for a bargain, Golf Avenue is a solid option.

Golf Advisor: Is It Reliable?

What It Is: A review site that provides detailed information about various golf courses worldwide.


  • User-Generated Reviews: Anyone can contribute, adding a democratic element.
  • Expert Reviews: Seasoned golfers and journalists also write in-depth reviews.
  • Lack of Oversight: The site doesn’t seem to police reviews rigorously, potentially allowing for biased or misleading content.

Verdict: Generally reliable, but it’s advisable to cross-reference information before making any decisions based on reviews.

Golf Digest: Should You Subscribe?

What It Is: A well-known golf magazine offering tips, equipment reviews, and feature articles.

Subscription Benefits:

  • Expert Analysis: Get tips and insights from top golfers and industry experts.
  • Digital Access: Subscriptions often come with online access, which includes video content.
  • Price: A subscription can be on the pricier side when compared to free online resources.

Verdict: If you’re a golf enthusiast who enjoys in-depth articles and expert tips, a subscription can be a worthwhile investment.

Golf Magazine vs. Golf Digest: Which Is Better?

  • Content: Both offer a wealth of information, but Golf Digest leans more toward the technical aspects of the game, while Golf Magazine focuses on lifestyle and leisure.
  • Accessibility: Golf Digest offers more comprehensive digital content, including a strong online presence.
  • Price: Both are comparable in price, especially if you opt for digital subscriptions.

Verdict: Choose based on your interests. If you’re into the technicalities and improvement tips, go for Golf Digest. For broader lifestyle content, Golf Magazine might be more up your alley.

Golf Now: Pros and Cons

What It Is: An online booking platform for tee times at various golf courses.


  • Convenience: Easy to book tee times from the comfort of your home.
  • Hot Deals: Offers discounted rates for specific tee times.


  • Cancellation Policy: Most bookings are non-refundable.
  • Service Fees: Additional fees can sometimes make the ‘Hot Deals’ less appealing.

Verdict: Convenient but read the fine print carefully, especially concerning cancellations and fees.

Golf YouTube Channels: Top Picks

  • Rick Shiels Golf: Perfect for those looking to improve their game.
  • Me and My Golf: Offers great tutorials for beginners.
  • Erik Anders Lang: For those interested in the culture and spirit of the game.

Verdict: YouTube offers an array of free, high-quality content that caters to all interests and skill levels.

Deep Dive: More Media & Online Platforms in the Golf World

While the above platforms offer a broad range of services and information for golfers of all levels, the digital golf ecosystem doesn’t stop there. Here are additional platforms and media outlets that can enrich your golf experience further.

The Golf Channel: An All-Encompassing Experience

What It Is: A cable channel dedicated solely to golf. It covers tournaments, offers instructional content, and provides in-depth analysis.


  • Comprehensive Coverage: Virtually no aspect of golf is left untouched.
  • Expert Opinions: Includes contributions from some of the best minds in golf.
  • Global Reach: Covers events from around the world.


  • Subscription Costs: Access might be restricted to specific cable or streaming plans.
  • Overwhelming Content: The sheer volume of information can be a bit much for casual fans.

Verdict: If you live and breathe golf, The Golf Channel can be a treasure trove of information and entertainment.

Global Golf Post: For the Reading Enthusiast

What It Is: A digital publication with feature articles, reviews, and golf news, delivered weekly.


  • Quality Writing: Expect in-depth articles and well-researched features.
  • Regular Updates: A weekly format ensures you stay current with the golf world.


  • Limited Free Content: Some features and articles are behind a paywall.

Verdict: For those who enjoy reading about golf, Global Golf Post offers another layer of understanding and appreciation of the sport.

18Birdies: Tech-Savvy Golfing

What It Is: A mobile app that offers GPS distances, digital scorecards, and even a golf community where you can connect with other players.


  • Tech Integration: Use your smartphone to improve your game and keep records.
  • Community Building: Connect with like-minded individuals.


  • In-App Purchases: While the app is free, some advanced features require payment.

Verdict: Ideal for the modern, tech-savvy golfer interested in both community and improving their game.

GolfWRX: The Forum for Fanatics

What It Is: An online forum where golfers discuss equipment, technique, courses, and virtually anything golf-related.


  • Community Insight: Get perspectives from a variety of golfers.
  • Marketplace: A platform to buy, sell, or trade equipment.


  • Variable Advice Quality: As with any forum, the advice quality can range from expert to dubious.

Verdict: A great platform for discussion and community, but always cross-reference advice and information.

Final Thoughts

The golf landscape is vast and ever-evolving, especially in the digital age. As the sport continues to grow, the number of platforms available to golf enthusiasts is sure to rise, each offering a unique perspective or service. Keep your eyes open and your clubs ready; you never know where you might find your next game-changing insight or piece of equipment.

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