Golf swing speed chart and the type of shaft you should use

Swing Speed (MPH)Recommended Shaft TypeDescription
60 – 75Senior (A)Best for golfers with slower swing speeds, focusing on maximum flexibility to help get the ball in the air.
76 – 92Regular (R)Most suitable for amateur golfers and those with average swing speeds, offering a balance between flexibility and control.
93 – 110Stiff (S)For advanced players with above-average swing speeds, giving better control and accuracy.
111 – 125+Extra Stiff (X)Designed for professional players and those with very high swing speeds, optimizing for low torque and maximum control.
This table summarizes the recommended type of golf club shaft based on a golfer’s swing speed in MPH. The recommendations range from Senior (A) shafts for slower swing speeds to Extra Stiff (X) shafts for very high swing speeds, providing general guidelines for selecting the appropriate shaft flexibility for better performance.

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